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Adsense Sites

It could be that you may have thought you may want to somehow try to earn some kind of honest on-line income but were totally unsure of which type if business to try and hopefully win with. There is no way that you will ever be in a position to quit your full time job until you have made a duplicate of your current earnings to keep yourself sustained. So, how can you can you even consider a way to start? Well to be sure, one way of getting a new income stream going is with Google AdSense income from building AdSense targeted sites to receive advertising revenue from search engine advertisements.


What Exactly Are AdSense Sites?


These AdSense monetized types of site are normally websites which are solely created with keyword-rich original content and well placed AdSense advertisements. If you try to get people – pay them – to click on your ads, the people at Google will find out, they are really clever people, and you will be booted off the program never to return again. The penalty for click fraud is harsh and rightly so, however, the rewards for acting properly withinthe law and having your advertisements clicked by genuine searchers for information on your site, is rewarding. Although the site visitor will not get anything immediately for the click on the advert, the originator of the ad hopes they will go ahead and purchase something through the advert. You then earn the advertising fee.


Typically, you do not keep adding content to the site once it is fully created and up and running, so there is not a lot of maintenance required. The key is to find an evergreen niche which you can create new original content for, either through freelance authors, or turning PLR into original quality content. There are other ways that you can add new and fresh site content to stay relevant, such as content plugins that pull in breaking news feeds, eBay auctions, Amazon product reviews and that kind of thing. It is a very wise move to check out plugins that you may choose to install on your site as some are not as appropriate (legal) as others and could have severely adverse effects on your earnings if discovered to be in use on your site. So please take care and be watchful of your sources of content especially where copy rights may be an issue.


Aren’t all AdSense Sites Dodgy?


As intimated in the above paragraph sometimes there are sites which are created for AdSense which get a really bad name because some unethical marketers use content they have illegally “scraped” from other very legitimate sites.  Do all of your content creation in the proper and correct manner, and only add original content you have definitely got legal ownership or permission to use, and you will not be looking over your shoulder worrying about any of your sites suddenly being banned or sandboxed for this reason by Google.


You will see that your income on one or two established sites will not be enough to pay all of your bills, so you will have to have a series of websites.  Another vital issue you will have to tackle is traffic.  If people shun your site and you have no viewings, they will definitely not be in a position to click on your wonderful AdSense links.


Selling Ads Directly


Another way that you could raise revenue from ads on a web site is from giving ad placement on your site for a set monthly or annual fee.  Before you think about being able to start doing this, build up your new web site with a lot of outstanding and unique quality content. Then you can utilize ways that promote and backlink your site like article marketing to assist in building up a steady stream of traffic to your site.  The greater your traffic, the larger amount you will be in a position to charge for an advertisement.  If you manage to generate really high traffic numbers, the entity placing the banner or other type of ad will be willing to pay a greater amount as the exposure to page viewers, and thus to potential sales, are that much higher.


As a research project, go and check out a few of the larger blogs and see how and what they offer in the form of advertising.  If the thought of adding advertisements such as AdSense to your web site does not really appear to be enough of an income for you, go for the typical three-prong approach – sell affiliate merchandise, sell advertising, and of course you must try to sell your very own merchandise for a much larger and immediate income.