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Blog Flipping

Blog flipping to some people could not really be classified as a real work at home business model. Many would cause an argument as to whether it is, or not, but if you take time to examine the definition of “business model”, you will see it says a business model may be a manner in which any kind of organization generates a profit.  Blog flipping is more a framework, or template, that gets repeated to generate continuous streams of revenue and may even be replicated by some large and established firms.  Blog flipping boils right down to making blogs and then being able to sell them in order to generate a profit.


Basically, blog flipping means that you produce a blog from the beginning, install original content and either a single or a few strategies of monetization, and sell it for a profit. So now let us see what is involved and break it down in easy chunks.


How to Get Started


The first thing that you should start with is to try and do is a few checks and research.  Before you waste vast amounts of your precious time, effort and energy with creating a blog with the intent of selling it, you must establish that niche you want to blog about is one that your intended market are spending money in. Check out on websites like Flippa what blogs are selling, what niche they are in, and the average price that they are reaching on auction.


The second a part of your in depth research should centre on which blogs are selling at a decent figure and how they are laid. Look at the quality of the content on each page, and how many words per article are being used. See what theme they are using, the type of graphics and the overall impression that the sites give you.


Now is the time to grab yourself a website! Go over to the Google external adwords keyword tool and hit in your niche keyword that you wish to rank your blog for. Check out a long tail low competition keyword phrase and make it your own by buying the domain name – if it’s available. Then it is time to go and set up your web hosting account.  If you do not have already have hosting, think about obtaining a reseller account with a hosting company like Hostgator.


Setting Up Your Website


With the preliminaries out the way, it is time to fire up your niche blog with a premium theme in WordPress.  If you are not already good at doing the graphics, outsource somebody from the likes of Fiverr to create you an expertly crafted header for the blog. It will be up to you then to tweak your blog to the way you want it, and add plugins that will help your website be more attractive, user friendly and be a higher performer financially.


Next is the sometimes frustrating process which can take the longest – creating and then adding content.  The more original content you are able to have on your site, the more premium price you should be able to achieve at auction. It is best to have a solid amount of content on your site before even contemplating selling it. For any number of your new posts, it is a great idea to incorporate graphics and pictures. You can find these on the net through reputable sites such as istockphoto.

Once you have added all of your content on to the site, it is time to add the monetization. It is considered by many to be a smart plan to try to use at least 3 ways to monetize your site so that at auction, potential buyers are impressed with the revenue streams which will convert them into hungry buyers which will increase your price potential quite nicely, even if it is a new site.  ClickBank, AdSense and Amazon, and are the more commonly used revenue streams.


Your first try at selling – or flipping – a site will seem to take forever. For this reason, try to document all the steps, as well as that WordPress plugins that you have used. This can be used by yourself as a blueprint for your next try at blog flipping which will cut down the time you spend on trial and error.


If all this seems a bit daunting at first, buckle down and just do it anyway.  There might seem to be an enormous amount that you need to learn how to do, but after time, you will wonder what the fuss was all about.


Just a word of advice: produce your blogs that you are completely pleased with. This is so that if by chance they do not sell, you may find that you end up keeping them and therefore the income they generate.  To be honest, your masterpiece of a blog may not take off of the auction. With this at the back of your mind, and you however are determined to sell it, then try to improve the quality of the site by adding additional fresh and original content or changing the theme to another and then try placing it back on the market.


Blog flipping is really great fun if you discover that you prefer the artistic freedom of setting up a brand new website. If done correctly, this can be a really lucrative method of working from home to raise your income streams.  If blog flipping is the one work at home business model you would like to try, keep in mind that you need to keep the work going constantly and are looking ahead with not having just one blog to sell, but a revolving chain of sites on the go to keep the income stream going.