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How To Get a Gig on Fiverr

Get Yourself a Part-Time Job on is a really great website that you can use to start making a viable and secure pocket money or small second income when times are hard. Even though you take home $4 of the $5 per gig, if you play your cards right, it soon mounts up. You can turn around a lot of gigs which will help get the rent paid, but everything will help out in times of need. This is a great way to start out even when you or your kids want to get a summer or after school job because the startup costs are low, and there is such a choice of things to do, that your imagination is the only limiting factor. Here is how you and your family can get yourselves set up and ready to earn some cash on Fiverr almost immediately.

What Can You Really Do?

On Fiverr, you can pretty much sell any kind of service. Just take a long hard look at some of the amazing things people will do for a five dollar bill on any particular day. People are creative and there is such a variety of things that you will find to do that there is absolutely no limit as to what you are able to do (within reason) to offer as a gig.

Sit down and make out a long list of all the possible things that you consider you could offer as a gig. The more you enjoy doing something, the more you find you will put into each gig, the more people will enjoy what you do, your gig ratings go up, and you naturally will earn more money because of your through put. Your motivation is key making a good earning level and making Fiverr work for you. It does not matter if you write a poem, sing a ditty, tell jokes, take a photograph of your cat wearing a hat with somebody’s name written on it while you sing happy birthday to them. Use your imagination as there really is no limit as to what can be done on Fiverr.

Here are a few ideas to get you thinking:

  • Singing happy birthday to someone and record it on video
  • Make and send a handmade felt puppet from your corner of the world
  • Draw a face on your hand and film it ‘saying’ funny things
  • Set up a blog for people
  • Draw cartoon portraits on cards with company slogans
  • Create a Youtube channel
  • Writing articles, stories or jokes

Do Some Research

Once you have made a long list of possibilities, go and check out Fiverr and see how your list matches up with available gigs which may be in demand. Do your research on which of the gigs similar to those you want to offer are getting the kind of through trade you will want. If you have something unique to offer, this could be a great place to try it out. If your gig thoughts are the same as those already available, put a spin on your offering to give it a bit of flavor and differentiation from any other gig available.

Use your uniqueness to set yourself apart from any competition. The last thing you want is to do the same thing as anybody else. You could have a unique accent from somewhere exotic which you could put on which people will fall all over when they hear you sing in it. Use this kind of thing as leverage to win gigs.

Getting Yourself Set up

If you are under 18 years old, there is absolutely nothing (yet) in Fiverr’s Terms and conditions of Service that says you may not have your own account. A small issue does arise because Fiverr uses the PayPal payment system only, and you have to be 18 years old or over to have your own account. So if you are ‘underage’, link your Fiverr account with an adults Paypal account and move on with that.

Users are not permitted to share any contact information with each other through the system which makes the system fairly underage friendly and relatively safe to use.

Managing Your Fiverr Account

To start out with, if youngsters are starting out on their own, they may need help in the initial management of their gigs. Your rating and therefore continued success on Fiverr is dependent completely on the feedback and from your clients. This means that work has to be done right and it needs to be delivered in a timely manner. An adult supervisor to watch over the initial first few gigs to help them please their clients may make all the difference.

General Starting Advice

When first starting out, you will see that your description of your gig needs to be short and to the point. Do not put in a long winded explanation in the title. Keep the long description for the main body of your form. Remember to always mention in your description at least twice. Why do this? Well they will rank your services higher in their index because you mention them! They like people who advertise for them, so do it and score brownie points.

Make sure you have at least five different gigs to offer. This is so that if a surfer sees one of your gigs does not quite match what they want, they may see one of your other listings on the same page and go with that one. If you can max out on the 20 you can offer on any one account, then do so but only if you can offer unique and different actual gigs. This will broaden your exposure throughout and increase your possibility of scoring a gig.

So in reality, there is so much that you can offer and that Fiverr can offer you. Look, think and get in there and you never know what could happen with your career. Good luck!