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Niche Sites


Have you finally made up your mind that you wish to start working from home and become your own boss? Then if you would like a web based work at home model, think about setting yourself up with some affiliate blogs. With affiliate blogs, you can soon find that you can achieve the financial success you want with your new business and earn an honest home income. A number of people have found great success with setting up a string of niche sites which are relatively easy to maintain once set up correctly.


A niche web site is quite simply an internet site or blog that includes selected content type with a much narrowed focus. For example you will find sites on a particular breed of dog coaching, indoor container gardening, or coaching hockey players are all considered to be niche sites. The reason for creating these sites is to promote affiliate merchandise to the website visitor to purchase.  These are digital or physical merchandise that are created and owned by somebody else, however you’ll sell them as an affiliate and earn commission on your sales, which can be a very healthy commission.


Where is merchandise available for me to sell?


Probably the simplest place to start out is with Amazon. They make it incredibly easy for their affiliates to sell by giving them an array of widgets and banners that can be incorporated into their sites which showcases merchandise which is tailored to the specific niche site.


Another place to get digital merchandise is from ClickBank. This is an enormous marketplace with a huge array of digital merchandise in so many varied classes. There is literally a product to suit any niche imaginable that will suit your web site content and subject matter.


In addition to Clickbank, there is also e-junkie and PayDotCom that are huge market places for digital products to promote.


Branching out, there is also the LinkShare network to inspect to see if it is to your liking.  Here you will find a very large choice of some of the most influential and important on-line merchants like Walmart and Microsoft Store.


The quick steps for building a unique niche web site:


1. Research a clear and distinct niche where individuals are shopping. This initial step is really vital or you will have a serious struggle to create a continuous cash flow from your niche web site.


2. Create your new web site. A vast majority of on-line marketers know that it is a lot easier to create niche sites with the aid of a WordPress blog.


3.  Add unique and hopefully original content. You will find that it is not merely enough to havea number of well written articles, you should create your own articles that will encourage readers and  assist you in hopefully pre-selling the merchandise that you are an affiliate for.  These in most cases might be unique product reviews, product comparisons of various manufacturers within the same niche. You may also include a short interview with a merchandise developer, or articles on the problem or problems and therefore the resolution and how you can prove that the merchandise is the answer that the page visitor needs.


4. Ensure you install and maintain your affiliate links so that when the visitors click on your links and find themselves starting to shop for the merchandise, you’ll get the credit for the sale and receive the all important commission.


5.  Go on and do it once more, and again.


Building niche sites or blogs as a home business model appeals to a large number of people that wish to be their own boss and work on their own at their own pace. Many people find that they soon get to like the challenge of finding nice niches that may earn them an honest affiliate income.