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Service Provision On The Internet

Like a lot of people these days, you may have found yourself in a job that you are not happy in, but you are relying on the regular pay for your survival.  Even if your job is not that bad, you are in a position where the money coming in is not enough to keep you going through the month and it is now time to start looking around for ideas on how to generate a second income. It is highly likely that you have heard that there is money to be generated on the internet and you are uncertain on how to proceed.


In the current climate, it is entirely possible to earn a great income from the internet. Service provision is one of the best ways of generating income as you will be fulfilling a need that your prospective customers have. A few people have difficulties in understanding how to translate the ability to transfer a job from the offline world and turning it in to the online world and make the dream into a reality. To start off,  you will need to understand what you service you may be in a position to supply, and what you are able to do based on your current skill set and experience.  When first starting out on the web, it is best to stay on firm ground and base your service on something you are good at and have a good knowledge of doing.


Here are a few types of income-producing service jobs:


Ghost writer – Write articles, blog posts, press releases, resumes, speeches, reports, e books or physical books for others. You are now an author for rent and it must not concern you when somebody else is now able to put their name on your hours of work… as long as they have paid you well for your work.


Virtual Assistant – the duties you are in a position to supply are totally reliant upon what you wish to do for someone. You may find that you are able to specialise in document transcription or for a much broader array of services such as typing, researching, writing, emailing, newsletters,  correspondence, transcription, phone calls, scheduling,  or a combination of these which a consumer would possibly request you to do on their behalf.


Graphics  – this may include but not be limited to emblem creation, newsletter or leaflet headers, as well as web site graphics for on-line or offline entities.  In addition to these, net marketers will rent you to create and bring to life thoughts on a graphics package that is a complete set to include an e book cover, web site header, footer, advertisement banners and payment buttons.


Coaching or Consulting – This is a great way to utilise an existing set of knowledge to generate an income. If your knowledge base is in the right areas, companies will be demanding your services. There are some consultants who find out that their first customer is the company that they have just parted ways with.


Doing a service orientated business does not only mean physically doing the work based around your customers need, but having to go out there and market yourself in the first place. The idea is to generate a list of happy customers to give you a base to work with so that you have a steady volume of attainable work to do so that you spend less time on marketing yourself and more time on actually earning.  Eventually you’ll find that you have more than enough repeat business and that the word-of-mouth customers that you have been able to come in to contact with means that you just do not have to actively pursue any more customers.


The one downfall to this type of business is that you’re a single operator operation and you’ll be limited to the amount of work that you are physically able to carry out.  However as time progresses and you will be able to expand your business and be in a more of a manager type position where you will start to hire others to carry out some of the tasks for you.


This is very much a solid business model and one which quite a few internet marketers started out their careers with. Think about beginning a web based service business and you could well be in a position to do the type of work that you get a great deal pleasure and reward from doing.